Had to Cry Today

anne francis
I'm not sad, and I'm not crying. Neither is Anne Francis
(above). The Blind Faith song Had to Cry Today popped
into my head, so I went to YouTube and listened to it.
(Blind Faith was Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker from
Cream and Steve Winwood and Ric Grech from Traffic.
Had to Cry Today was the first song on their only album,
Blind Faith, released in August of 1969.)
I figured if any of you out there remember it, you'd
maybe like to hear it, too. If not. . .okay. Just a whim.

(YouTube is useful for more things than just silly cat videos.)


Peteski said...


peggy gatto said...

Say, I just found this great place!!!! Of course maybe I just feel comfortable here cause I recognize all the faces!! Fabulous pics and info. May I post a picture if I post this link? If not, I understand.

C. Parker said...

Certainly, Peggy.

TownCharacter said...

I loved the album Blind Faith, the 1st supergroup made from supergroup members. I got the album when it came out, the summer before my college senior year. "Had to cry today" is a particular favorite.

By the way, I see all of your posts, though I might have to catch up every couple of days. When I first discovered the blog, I made sure to catch up to the beginning. Awesome!

roboliver said...

Nice site! There are some OK modern day starlets, but when you see pics like the ones you've got on your blog, you've just got to say: They don't make 'em like that anymore. Today, I think there just isn't the glamor.

As for Blind Faith, that album is one of my favorites. Did get the DVD when it came out recently; finally able to see what they looked like performing. You may want to check out the vids for Ginger Baker (Air Force) and Jack Bruce.

harkin said...

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