Miss Trish Van Devere

Trish Van Devere
Good photographs of lovely Trish Van Devere
are really hard to find.
Trish Van Devere
I just saw her in Harry in Your Pocket (1973) on TCM,
the best darn channel on all of television, and I couldn't
take my eyes off her. (See upper right corner photo.)


Anonymous said...

I saw the same film tonight.
She reminded me of a girl I was with for 5 years.
Trish was a lot of fun and easy on the eyes.
Walter Pidgeon was perfect in that role. He is around on TCM often. His carrier goes way back.
I saw James Coburn on Bonanza the other day 1959. Mean as ever. Thanks Vince

Howard of Hollywood said...

Trish Van Devere. Now you're talking. What a fine looking woman. Like the man said, ya can't take your eyes off of her. She made far too few flickers, for my dough. "Harry In Yourt Pocket" is on Hulu, free. Not to be missed.