Hollywood Harem #13

Gene Tierney
Maria Montez
Dolores Costello
harem girl
I looked it up. Here's the original December
2007 explanation for this category.
"Okay, this new category will be called Hollywood Harem and will include any odd photo of a starlet playing a harem girl or, well, wearing a weird little costume, including--let's see now--starlets in Biblical epics, starlets in so-called sword-and-sandal or spear-and-slipper movies, prehistoric starlets in jungle epics, starlets bellydancing, starlets playing Cleopatra or her handmaidens, starlets charming snakes, starlets playing princesses and Egyptians and stuff, starlets playing Atilla the Hun's wife or Lady Macbeth's milk maid, starlets dancing for John the Baptist's head, starlets in bear skin bikinis, starlets playing the Queen of Sheba and Delilah and Ali Baba's forty thieves' girlfriends and Robin Hood's girl cousins and King Arthur's granddaughters, and starlets playing pirate girls and gypsies, and any movie with sand in it that is supposed to take place a long time ago in some place warm where they don't have to wear, like, boots and winter coats and scarves and knit hats and longjohns and stuff. Okay? Got it? Cool. Here we go..."
(Must have been chilly the day I wrote that.)

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