Leftist Blogging

You may have noticed that I've added some photos to the
right side of the page. I picked some pictures of ladies
looking to the left, so that we'd all get this weird sort of
effect that they are looking at the posts like you and I are.
I like the effect myself. It sort of frames the page better.
Anyway, there's Ginger Rogers and Frances Dee and
Michelle Pfeiffer and Phoebe Cates and Angela Lansbury
and Debra "Little Debbie Snack Cakes" Paget and Anne
Baxter and Britt Ekland and Claire Trevor and Constance
Bennett, not in that order, of course. And that's the last
time I'm gonna list their names. But I might add some
more later if I happen to stumble across some leftist
looking starlets. (And you were thinking this was going
to be a political post. Ha!)


Juliette. said...

What a neat and lovely effect.

C. Parker said...

Thank you, Juliette.