Fresh Saints

Eva Marie Saint
According to MSNBC, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, also known
as Pope Benedict XVI, canonized five new saints inside St.
Peter's Basilica today. For some unknown reason, none of
these ladies were on his list.
Renee Saint-Cyr
Susan St. James
Jill St. John
Silvia Saint


Maricou said...

I am not surprised.
None the less if not a saint Eva Marie Saint is divine in my eyes

Tom said...

Lovely ladies!

ALTCERF said...

Saw Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest Yesterday and by God she is lovely in there a fact I hadn't notivce before in On The Waterfront

J said...

Ooo la la la la la LA.

St Suzie St James

Anonymous said...

She was on this years Academy Awards and she really looked elegant. She was 84 at that time and turned 85 on July 4. They don't make them any better