Nicotine Fit

Romy Schneider
I got this really, really cool picture of Romy Schneider from Iconista, who writes she has not smoked in fifteen hours and says, "It is hell." Well, of course, it is. I think maybe it was Denis Leary who pointed out that the years of life you save by not smoking are those final years of toothless slobbering senility and chronic incontinence, and that you might as well enjoy yourself now. But good luck, kid.
Carrie Fisher
Jeannie Berlin
Joanne Whalley

Alice Faye


Flickhead said...

Wow... a shot of Jeannie Berlin looking (smokin'?) hot! Who'da thunk it?

Iconista said...

Thank you, darling. I lasted 16 hours. I figure I have no pension plan so, what the hell.

C. Parker said...

Iconista, maybe you can cut back a wee bit. Anyway, thanks for the Romy Schneider picture.