Salma Hayek Aspirin

Salma Hayek
It's phucking rainy. It's phucking cold. The phucking sky is phucking gray. It's been raining all phucking day, and for some unknown phucking reason I've got a headache the size of a phucking Buick. Some Sumatra coffee and two Naproxen tablets might do the trick. And maybe a little Salma Hayek to add some color to this dismal phucking day.
Salma Hayek
(Glorious pictures from Exclamation Mark, which is described as
"a cross between Leave It to Beaver and Satan's School for Girls.")
Like the song says, "I don't need no doctor."


Tom said...

Ahhh, Salmita!

Anonymous said...

I believe that would be you've got a "phucking headache" :-)

I think you've found the right side to go with the meds to fix the phucking problem!