10 Things I Just Hate

Lee Marvin
10 Things I Hate That Everybody Else Seems To Love
1.) Television (except TCM)
2.) Cell phones
3.) Sport Utility Vehicles
4.) Politics
5.) Naked teenage girl pictures
6.) Fantasy fiction and movies
7.) Sports (now that Tom Landry is gone)
8.) Holidays
9.) Gaming
10.) Flavored or sweet coffee

Mary Ann Mobley
On the other hand, I really, really like Mary Ann Mobley
with her hair all messed up.


Jim Ballard said...

Re : "Things you hate"...yeah, but "Ship of Fools"...one of the best !! Vivian Leigh vs The Man...he cherished that shoe the rest of his life.

monty said...

Nice...I agree on several on your picks too, especially TV. If it wasn't for TCM, my TV would be just taking up space. And great pic of Mary Ann too.

MC said...

I just love you for this.
I hate 'em all, too!
But your blog is wonderful!

CarolMR said...

You have the best pictures of Mary Ann Mobley. I have "Burke's Law" DVDs and she was Gene Barry's girlfriend of the week in several episodes. I saw a totally different side of her. Not the shy, innocent girl, but a really alluring woman. They should have kept her as his permanent girlfriend, but I guess that wasn't Amos Burke's style.

Lionel Braithwaite said...

I love both gaming and television, and I also love sci-fi and fantasy! As well, I also love TCM! It's all in the attitude, you know.