A Bird Named Sue

Sue Upton
For those guys out there who are about 40 or 50, you might remember having seen Sue Upton on The Benny Hill Show (1969-89). Maybe your Dad was watching it on the family television. And the Hill's Angels dancing girls came on the screen. And suddenly you and your Dad both quit laughing at the silly, baudy humor and went, like, WHOA! And you learned something about Bump-and-Grind dancing. And you learned something about your Dad, too.
Sue Upton
Oo, I feel romantic.
Oo, I wanna let you know.
Have you ever really studied dancing
or do you make it up as you go?
Shake it slowly,
do that bump and grind.

- David Lee Roth

Sue Upton - Hill's Angel
Sue Upton
If you're a fan, check out the very cool SueUpton.net site.
There's another video here.


Artman2112 said...

ohhhh yeah i remember her! i used to LOVE Benny Hill even though my mom HATED when i watched it! she called it sexist, but i just laughed at her hypochrisy while i pointed to her pic of shirtless Richard Gere on the kitchen bulletin board.

BH was a genius!

Anonymous said...


I´m from Spain and i´ve just found youre blog.

It´s very interesting, lots of pictures....

See you soon.

COCAMIA said...

OMG! I love this post! Sue Upton was one sexy lady!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember her extremely well! I discovered Benny Hill at about the time I hit puberty and Sue Upton was a definite highlight in her schoolgirl outfit.

Breezmister said...

LOL it's what my kids learned from me ! Thanks for that post

Anonymous said...

I much prefered Louise English!


C. Parker said...

Yes, Louise is a peach, too.

Erik said...

Hi C. Parker,

Thanks for your compliments to Sue and for SueUpton.net! I'll email her right away to let her know about them.


Erik Larsen
Webmaster, SueUpton.net

C. Parker said...

Erik (and Sue), this is just about breaking the record for comments on one post. And that's saying a lot, considering the number of other lovely ladies here.