Furry Women to Keep Us Warm

Life magazine fashion layout from 1952.

You can tell which one is my personal favorite.
(Do we have great taste in brunettes or what?)
For those of you who are thinking about trying
this on your own blog, the Google Image Search
word string is "furs 1952 source:life" Enjoy!

[And, just to be fair all around, here are some links to PETA and the International Anti-Fur Coalition and Furry Girls (NSFW) and Furry Guys (NSFW) and Flying Furry Women (NSFW). That should just about cover it.]


J Carter said...

Yeah - the Fifties were the last decade of genuine style, if you ask me. Though. I. Noticed. You. Didn't. Back then women were women and men were men and aeroplanes were aeroplanes. Denim. Don't. You. Just. Hate. It.

CarolMR said...

Well said, J Carter.