Her meneo

Debra Paget
meneo [may-nay’-o]
Main Entry: meneo
Function: masculine noun
Language: Spanish
1: movement
2: shake, toss
3: swaying, wagging, wiggling
4: stir, stirring

From the Spanish verb menear:
meneo is:
1st person singular (yo) Present Indicative
me·ne·o Masculine - Noun - Singular
Diminutives: meneillo, meneillos, meneito, meneitos
Aumentatives: meneón, meneones, meneote, meneotes
1. wiggling, wagging, wriggle, wiggle; Synonyms: culebreo, serpenteo, contoneo; Acción y efecto de menear o menearse, mover o moverse.
2. waggle; Pequeño movimiento de atrás para adelante. ; Acción y efecto de menear o menearse, mover o moverse.

3. waggle; Synonyms: coleo, meneo de la cola, coleadura; Acción de colear, mover repetidamente la cola los animales. ; Acción de colear los animales, mover repetidamente la cola.
me·ne·ar Verb
1. move, shake, wag, waggle, swish; Synonyms: colear, bambolear; Desplazar algo de un lado a otro, a veces con efecto de vaivén.
El perro meneó su cola, The dog waggles his tail.

Lillian Roth
MENEO (mê-né-oh) spanish verb (conjugate), to wag the tail, to shake
1. A wriggling or waddling motion of the body (movimiento).
Dar un meneo a - to jerk

Vera-Ellen's meneo


k5psb said...

The second pic is Barbara Bouchet. :)


COCAMIA said...

Such a great post! It makes me feel proud to be a curvy woman! Thank you...xo

Polistra said...

My favorite meneo from Eleanor Thatcher:


C. Parker said...

Mark, thanks.
Cocamia, it's not the meat, it's the motion.
Polistra, thanks, but I like Ginger Rogers' Black Bottom dance better. There's one or two in the archives under "Dance," I think.

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The last one is Connie Haines.

You have a great site. Probably the best thing on the web..with the possible exception of IMDB