June in February

June Allyson
Yeah, I realize that a lot of you just can't stand June Allyson, who stole Dick Powell away from Joan Blondell and hawked adult diapers in TV commercials and was pretty annoying in some of her 1940s comedies. Me, I loathe her awful pageboy haircuts from the 1950s and most of her squinty-eyed publicity pictures and the way she ran around like a rabid chipmunk in a lot of her films. But I like this photograph just fine. So...deal with it, okay?
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Artman2112 said...

that's a great pic of her, maybe the best i've ever seen!
but nope not a fan of her either, except when i am getting ready to leave places sometimes i like to say "I gotta go, i gotta go, like June Allyson after a six pack!"

i heard Dana Carvey say it once, i thought it was funny.

its amazing how popular she was in her day though. ridiculous actually! not as ridiculous as her being teamed with Bogart though...now THAT was silly!!!

Pop9 said...


jewlover2 said...

LOL...I like June. Sue me.

Anonymous said...

Yes her hair was mostly a disaster, she too often was typecast, and seldom seemed very um, hot.(?) She did have fabulous cheek bones, a wicked little crooked smile which seemed to be hiding something behind the innocence, a Lisbeth Scott-esk lisp, and that sort of husky whispering, had too many cigarettes for breakfast voice.

My favorite movies she was in have to be 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Battle Circus(with Bogart, the basis of M.A.S.H.), The Glen Miller Story(her best, with Jimmy Stewert, who can better sing little brown jug?), The McConnell Story(Allen Ladd, Mac McConnell is my real life hero).

Overall I rate her highly watchable, semi-desirable, and minimally forgettable. Sort of an old time Holly Hunter.