17 Half Nuts

Okay, I'm back.
Earlier today, I was sitting in my tiny airline seat with my knees jammed into the seat in front of me, eating my .42 oz. (12 g.) foil packet of free airline dry-roasted peanuts and gazing into my 6-friggin-ounce cup of airline friggin coffee, and it got me to thinking about the days when flying was actually fun, and airline passengers were treated like customers, not like pigs being herded to the slaughter. More on this later. Just wanted ya to know I got back in one piece. (I phuggin hate flying these days.)


Anonymous said...

Ever traveled by train? Do consider it next time, but be warned: the main reason why train travel is not more desired is because of the long time between connections. Yet, you can get up and walk around, go up to the observation car, the dining car; and even have your own compartment!

The Admirable

C. Parker said...

Yes, I did a Chicago-to-LA Amtrak train once in the 1970s. Sat in the bar car, smoking and drinking for miles and miles and miles. It was fun, if I remember correctly.