Time Enough At Last

Went to get a minor car repair at the fix-it place. They have a little waiting room, where they serve bad coffee and play the television loud. Meredith Vieira was giggling on NBC's Today show. She was fluffy. She was perky. She was bubbly. She just wouldn't shut up. I couldn't read my book in there. I threw out my cup of bad coffee and went for a walk. An hour later, the car was fixed (to the tune of $142), and I was on my way.
twilight zone
I was reminded of an episode of the Twilight Zone called Time Enough At Last, starring that masterful actor's actor, Burgess Meredith. He plays a bank teller, who just can't seem to find the time to read. His boss won't let him read. His wife will not even let him read at home. The episode has a sad ending. I thought it was very sad when I first saw it as a kid. And I still find it pretty depressing. Anyway, Burgess Meredith was a wonderful actor with an extraordinary and long career, and he slept with Paulette Goddard. Which isn't sad at all.
paulette goddard


Anonymous said...

Burgess said in his book that when Paulette did sex, she only did it for her. That's a little sad.

Eric said...

The best of the TZ episodes. Unfortunately my eyes are the same as his (thank God, and science for contact lenses).

Side note. Any idea what that game is marked out on the boat deck? Also, is that possibly Bardot on deck?