13 Cool Dresses

Anne Baxter

Christine Carere

Jean Parker (above and below)

Karen Sharpe

Lana Turner

Lilyan Tashman

Marjie Millar

Mary Ellis

Peggy Shannon

Steffi Duna

Vivian Blaine

Veronica Lake
(Okay, so it's not really a dress.)


Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know where STARLET SHOWCASE attains its photos from since most of them i have never seen anywhere else on the internet. The photo of a young slender Anne Baxter in a slinky gown is the best photo i have ever seen of her, & i have seen very many of her. The same goes for the beautiful Karen Sharpe who i have never seen look more alluring. When i get up in the morning, nowadays, the first thing i do is to check out your daily additions. Keep it up!.

Kariput said...

Those cool dresses heat up the atmosphere.

C. Parker said...

Where do these pictures come from? Most come from eBay or other auction sites. They get straightened around and cleaned up with Photoshop. They get grayscaled and resampled at 72 DPI. Glad you liked the Anne Baxter. I think I found that one in three parts with lots of damage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that information Mr. Parker. The Anne Baxter photo is terrific & was well worth the effort you put in to repair it. I also liked very much the smoking photos especially the Lana Turner who looks mean, moody & magnificent, [not to mention bad-arse], with a cigarette in her mouth.