A Sonny Day

Virginia Wilson
It's not a sunny day. It's kind of cloudy, in fact. But I've been listening to Sonny Rollins all morning and felt like sharing it with you. (The pictures are from a Life magazine spread about "Bebop craze bopsters Robert Clary, Ronny Graham and Virginia DeLuce." Don't know what that's all about. I found it searching "1950s jazz.") But enjoy the tunes.

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Trulyfool said...

Thanks for the Sonny Rollins. I think Norman Mailer made reference to him once, in a spot where Mailer was leaning at his hi-fi speakers taking a 'walk'.

Bebop is so frenetic, it's no wonder that it only held the neural post-war moment. 'Cool' fit the growing affluence better.

Jazz is so fucking good.

Thanks again. (And thanks for Virginia!)