Happy Birthday, Fay Wray

I'm going to leave the monkey out of this post.
I'm not even going to mention the monkey's name.
He wasn't even a real monkey, fer chissakes.
vintage fashion
You can get a big copy of the above photo from
those nice folks at Silents Are Golden.
classic Hollywood
King Kong
Thanks to Doctor Macro for the above two.
The Doctor has a marvelous site with really
high quality images. If you own original classic
film star photos, send him a high resolution scan
for his site.
retro fashion
The above picture is quite large. I have a poster
of it on the wall just to my right. The original and
gobs of other Fay Wray pictures can be found at
The Fay Wray Pages.
opera gloves
You can find this picture and a gazillion
other photos of ladies in gloves at
For the Love of Opera Gloves, which is
a very nice, if somewhat confusing web site.
movie poster
This is my favorite Fay Wray poster.
It turns out that the scantily clad woman
with the sword on the poster is played by
Dorothy Burgess in the movie. Alas!
It's the thought that counts.

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