Ideally. . .

Mala Powers
Delicious Mala Powers
I was watching Mission: Impossible, the complete first
TV season, not the crappy remakes, and I saw actress
Mala Powers in an episode called The Reluctant Dragon.
And I looked her up on eBay and Google Image Search
so I'd have something to share with you. Ideally, that's
sort of the way you got here in the first place. You saw
an obscure actress in something old and looked up the
name on the web and found her at Starlet Showcase.
And you fell in love with her face or eyes or her butt or
whatever, and you bought a pile of B&W 8x10s of her
on eBay. And your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or
whomever thinks you're crazy. But you're happy and
to hell with them. (There's a guy on eBay with a lot of
Mala Powers pictures, and it's not me.)

Mala Powers
Mala Powers
The nice thing about watching shows like
Mission: Impossible, The Sopranos, The
Shield, The Wire, Combat!, Magnum P.I.,
and Rescue Me is that you can watch them
when you want to, can pause them to take
a leak or talk to your cat, and you don't have
to sit through all the commercials about cars
you can't afford and cell phone service you
don't need and sports scores up in the corner
and late breaking Bush news or Britney news
or celebrity buzz scrolling across the bottom
of the screen. You can take control and skip
all the noise. And you can make cool vidcaps
of Mala Powers in glasses and a wig.
Mala Powers

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