Happy Birthday, Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt, classy dame
Today is Marsha Hunt's birthday. Marsha's long career
began in 1935 with a movie called The Virginia Judge,
and her most recent film was Chloe's Prayer (2006).
Born in 1917, Marsha will be 90 today. With 109 film
and television appearances, she's having quite a career.
(There was a black singer-actress in the late 1960s who had an
afro, was one of Mick Jagger's baby mamas, and had the same
name as Marsha Hunt, so you can just ignore that in your
Internet searches.)
My favorite Marsha Hunt films are The Penalty (1941),
Kid Glove Killer (1942), Smash-Up: The Story of a
Woman (1947), and, of course, Raw Deal (1948).
Of all the killer Eyebrows of Doom in the history of
Hollywood, Marsha's have to be in the top five. She
still attends film noir conventions and looks great.
She wrote a book called The Way We Wore: Styles of the
1930s & 40s with is filled with hundreds of Hollywood
fashion photos. Her Hollywood Walk-of-Fame star is in
front of Larry Edmunds Books at 6658 Hollywood Blvd,
one of my favorite places to visit and spend money.
The Eyebrow of Doom
The profile
There is a nice little background piece about her HERE.
She discusses her struggles with blacklisting HERE.
Her Wikipedia page is HERE.
Raw Deal (1948) with Dennis O'Keefe
Raw Deal with John IrelandMarsha Hunt with Van Heflin and Lee Bowman
My favorite Marsha Hunt film is Kid Glove Killer, because:
a.) The Eyebrow of Doom makes several appearances.
b.) Van Heflin is Marsha's co-star and is brilliant.
c.) There is a fight scene between Van Heflin and a crook,
where Marsha gets knocked to the floor in a tight skirt
and looks just great. Hmmmmm.

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