Happy Birthday, Beverly Garland

Tomorrow (Oct 17) is Beverly Garland's Birthday.
You remember her from Swamp Women (1955),
The Gunslinger (1956), Not of This Earth
(1957), and The Alligator People (1959),
right? Of course you do. Brian's Drive-In
has a page about her HERE.
Sometimes she was a blonde and sometimes
a brunette. Swamp Women, a godawful movie,
is in the Public Domain and can be watched
on the Web, if you look for it.
Bev's got great legs!
One of her best movies, Not of This Earth, was remade with Traci Lords.

Beverly autographed an 8x10 B&W glossy of this picture for me.

(Above, an episode of Gunsmoke.)

The Gunslinger is painfully silly. You'll need a Fast Forward button to get through it.

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