The Lovely Miss Jean Simmons

Here is Jean Simmons.
I see from the TCM Now Playing program
guide that she's appearing tonight in the
1953 film Young Bess, which the trailer
calls "the story of an unhappy queen."
Which is hilarious when you consider
that her co-star is Charles Laughton,
a truly unhappy queen. Also starring
is Stewart Granger, who looks really
gay in tights and feathered hats. In fact,
the whole MGM Technicolor extravaganza
looks like a gay hat designer's wet dream.
You should probably skip it and watch
Jean Simmons in Elmer Gantry (1960),
Spartacus (1960), or Mister Buddwing
(1966). She's still around and still acting.
The great profile.
A younger photo.


Weaverman said...

You know, at first I thought you'd made a mistake with that last photo but it really is her isn't it? Do you know what film that was for?

C. Parker said...

As far as I know, it's just a very early publicity pose.