Happy Birthday, Teri and Marie

Most of the time we remember Marie as a killer blonde, so I thought I'd try this photo instead.
Marie Windsor had a long career even before those
B-movies like Cat-Women of the Moon and Swamp
Women. Her first picture was Week-end for Three
in 1941, and she was in a Murder, She Wrote episode in
1991. She was also a great noir dame in Force of Evil
(1948), The Narrow Margin and The Sniper (1952),
and Stanley Kubrick's The Killing (1956).
Happy birthday, Marie.
Check out Teri Garr's autobiography for great stories about Elvis and the beach party movies.
See if you can find Teri Garr in this still from the 1964
beach party movie Pajama Party. She started out as an
uncredited dancer and was in five Elvis Presley movies.
Her playful autobiography, Speedbumps: Flooring It
Thru Hollywood, is a hoot. Happy birthday, Teri.
Teri was perfect for underwear advertising.

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Anonymous said...

She is timeless. I've always loved her since I first saw her on Star Trek. A REAL American actress!!