Revenge of the Lawn

Photo by Edmund Shea.
Almost everybody has forgotten writer Richard Brautigan these days. Even I almost forgot him. He wrote stories and novels and poetry. I liked his short pieces best. What I NEVER forgot was the brunette with the chocolate cake on the cover of his book REVENGE OF THE LAWN, which came out in 1971. I was just crazy about that girl. (Brautigan tended to put his girlfriends on book covers.) The brunette's name was (and probably still is) Sherry Vetter, a San Francisco school teacher. You can still find first editions of Richard Brautigan's books on eBay and several through Amazon.com.

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Anonymous said...

Sherry Vetter, you betcha! That photo haunts me, too. I used to keep a copy of "Lawn" in my office desk and stare at her on my lunch hour. Did she bake that cake? Who is she looking at?
Sherry, if you're out there, tell us your story! There is a legion of aging hippies waiting to hear from you.
(Yesterday was Brautigan's birthday. Your voice is missed, Richard.)