Brooke Bundy, Blonde Sixties Babe

A publicity still of Brooke Bundy from Firecreek.
Starlet Brooke Bundy seems to have faded away.
She was born in 1944. She played her first TV
role in 1959. She starred in the 1968 western
Firecreek with Henry Fonda, James Stewart,
Gary Lockwood, and Jack Elam. Most of these
pictures are from Firecreek. The other notable
ladies of Firecreek are Inger Stevens and the
lovely Barbara Luna. Firecreek, therefore, is
worth renting. Nuff said. Her last role of record
was a 1991 episode of Sons and Daughters. Her
daughter is actress Tiffany Helm.
Naughty girl Brooke Bundy in Firecreek.
Gary Lockwood and Jack Elam menace Brooke Bundy.

There's a tiny Mod Squad scene of Brooke Bundy on YouTube.


Brooke in Land of the Lost said...

I was a big fan of the Kids show Land of the Lost from 1975, and Brooke played "Sharon" a woman created by the light creature "Zarn". Brooke was HOT in that show, although at the time I was only 10 years old, and at the time didn't know but fast forward 34 years watching Land of the Lost with my daughter and happen upon Brooke. She was 31 years old from that episode.

C. Parker said...

Yup, she's a doll.