Raccoon #4

Hey! We haven't done a Raccoon post in
a while. I notice that my "RACCOON"
folder is almost overflowing with Brigitte
Bardot photographs. But that's natural
enough, since she was, like, the queen
of glopped eye makeup for a long time.
(And, like, for some reason, I'm, like,
talking, like, a 17-year-old girl tonight.
Which is, like, totally random, ya know?)
Anyway, I'm not going to alt text these,
because they're pretty self-evident.

We must be doing something right. By my calculations
(wild guesses), Starlet Showcase has posted about 900
photographs. And we have 7,000 visits on the counter.
Thank goodness they're not all in color or we'd be out of
hard drive space. Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment
or something if you get a second.

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