Lucky Capri

So I'm watching the final episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season Three, right? We've talked about what fun Alfred Hitchcock Presents is before. And I see Julie Adams (sometimes called "Julia") strutting around in a sort of V-neck lamé Capri pantsuit sort of outfit, which in real life color I imagine is probably a shiny green lamé and black thing. This episode is called Little White Frock, but Julie Adams isn't wearing a frock. And she's not actually "strutting." She just has a really nice walk. Anyway, so I flashblack to an earlier episode from the same season, one called The Disappearing Trick, with Betsy Von Furstenberg. And I rewind, and I find that, sure enough, Betsy's wearing the same outfit. The costume designer added a sash belt and some kind of cameo or broach to the V-neck for Julie Adams, but otherwise it's the same outfit. And Betsy Von Furstenberg has a great walk, too. So I'm thinking. . .
What a thrifty costume designer!
What a lovely couple of struts!
What a LUCKY pair of pants!
Julie Adams
Betsy Von Furstenberg

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