Hair Apparent

Mae Clarke
From some of the other blogs I read, I know
that there are numerous women who study
pre-Code cinema and silent movies for the
hair styles. And these styles tend to be a lot
shorter and more elaborate than I like. But
then I lean more toward the sexy-lioness-
who-just-crawled-out-of-a-warm-bed look.
I know that one of the reasons these ladies
are interested in these old hair styles is that
they're just itching to try them out on their
own heads. Me, I've kinda had a Conrad Veidt
thing going with my hair for about 30 years,
as it's simple, classic, you don't really need
a mirror, you can do it with your fingers,
and you can do it when you're really drunk.
But for you ladies out there who are more
concerned with shorter, more complicated
hair, I offer these beauties. . .
Dorothy Janis
Jean Simmons
Phyllis Kirk
Pier Angeli

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