Georgann Johnson's voice

Georgeann Johnson
Georgann Johnson pictures are incredibly rare.
I captured these from two episodes of the
wonderful Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show
DVD. She has a funny nose. She has a gloriously
sexy voice. According to the IMDb, she played
a nun last year on TV's Cold Case show, so she's
still putting that wonderful, whispery voice to
good use. She's been in the business 60 years.

(Frequent misspellings include georgeann johnson,
georgeanne johnson, and georganne johnston.)


CarolMR said...

I bought the first three seasons of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and I absolutely love it! I have seen Ms. Johnson in at least two episodes so far. Never realized she was so pretty and so talented. I hope PRESENTS comes out with the fourth season soon.

C. Parker said...

Isn't that a great series? I hope they come out with more seasons soon.

CarolMR said...

Yes, that show is just great. Better than most stuff on TV now!

gullyfoyle said...

Is anyone alive who remembers Georgann Johnson as Princess Aurora on "Captain Video"? Well, I do. I certainly had a crush on her. What was I? 10,11 years old? Am 66 now!


Larry Gott said...

Yes, I sure remember Princess Aurora in the Captain Video series. I'm 69 now, was 12-15 then, and I, like gullyfoyle had a big crush on her. Now you can Google Captain Video and find a LOT about it on the net. Much more than just 5 years ago.