Happy Birthday, Shirley Anne Field

Shirley Anne Field
June 27th is Shirley Anne Field's birthday.
I wish these photos were a lot bigger.
I especially like the top one. She's British,
was once crowned Miss London, and she's still
Common misspellings include Shirley Ann Field,
Shirley Anne Fields, and Shirley Ann Fields.
Shirley Ann Field
Shirley Anne Fields
Happy birthday, Shirley.


Anonymous said...

I met Shirley Anne Field when she first started out, and I watched one of her first photo shoots at Battersea Pleasure Gardens London.She was with a friend Sally Elgar Lee, and I was with a pal. The uncanny part about it was when we spoke I found we were both born on the same day in 1937. would dearly like to get in touch again.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly man you are a year older than Shirley, I should know I am the friend that was with you, haven't seen you in years where the hell have you been.

C. Parker said...

You two should get together.

bigben47 said...

I met Shirley When she was doing a play in Lincoln i think it was ladies on a park bench or somethg like that and she was starring with Anne Abbotson from Neighbours,and Ruth Maddox from Hi De Hi. i myself was visiting from the Usa where i had lived for 15 years. .so i walked into a tiny pub i used to drink in for thirty odd years and theres these ladies i seem to recognize and after 3 minutes i knew them all of course and Shirley had been my all time sex screen Goddess!we went on to eat at the Barge restaurant on the Brayford and ended up at their Hotel and we had a really good evening ,they were all in top form and we remenised about all the old black and white films , Stars,mostly dead now Etc ,. I can tell you, she still OOOzes sexuality in the first magnitude ! i will always treasure that night and Anne and Ruth were very kind to me and Funny .