The Killers (1964)

Directed by Don Siegel.
Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson, John Cassavetes, Clu Gulager,

Ronald Reagan, Virginia Christine.
Universal Pictures: 93 minutes.

We could debate Ernest Hemingway's exit from Planet Earth before this movie and Ronald Reagan's exit from Planet Hollywood after this movie. We could point out the many parallels between Lee Marvin with Angie Dickinson in Point Blank and Lee Marvin with John Cassavettes in The Dirty Dozen. Some might argue that The Killers is director Don Siegel's existentially inverted prelude to his later film Dirty Harry. We could discuss blind desire and soulless betrayal as a "daylight noir" sub-theme. But...

Lady, I haven't got the time.

By the way, September 30th is Angie Dickinson's birthday.
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson

Happy birthday, Angie.

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klunz said...

Best film review I've read in years. I am going to make coffee now and puzzle my mind about that Marvin - Dickinson - Cassavetes parallel. Haven't seen Dirty Dozen since my more vulnerable years.

Thanks for all the inspiration!