A Cup And A Smoke With Vera Miles

Vera Miles
Last week I watched Episode One, Season One (1963) of
The Fugitive. What a great show!
He's on the run from the police for a murder he didn't
commit, but he always stops to help out the ladies.
Bless him.
Vera Miles plays an abused wife that fugitive Richard
Kimble helps out in this first episode. You may remember
that Vera Miles also starred in the very first episode of
Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
Yes, we have slobbered over Vera Miles before.
Anyway, The Fugitive and Vera sit down and have a cup
of coffee together. And they smoke cigarettes. It sounds
kind of familiar, doesn't it? I love the lighting and the
photography. Of course, I love the black & whiteness, too.
Vera Miles
Vera Miles
Vera Miles
Vera Miles


Anonymous said...

Not sure where to leave a comment about your entire blog. I guess hear is as good as any place.
It started out I was looking for pictures of The Ziegfeld Girls to recolor (I color vintage black and whites as a hobby). When I surfed upon your site it felt like classic photo heaven. At first my only intention was to capture a few photos and more on BUT I started reading your posts and found them addictive and humorous.
I've enjoyed your comments, opinions and vision into the world of classic movies.

Thank you for the time you've given.

remcat said...

Love your pictures and comments about Vera Miles and the Fugitive. Especially love the comment, "Yes, we have slobbered over Vera Miles before." No mystery there. Gorgeous face, killer body, and wonderfully expressive, feminine voice. She could be very warm and down to earth, and on the flip-side, icy cold. Fire and ice. The last episode of The Fugitive should have had Dr. Kimball returning to Arizona to his very first romance on the run, Vera Mile's Monica. That would have been a nice bit of symmetry to tie things together.