Steve McQueen at the Door

Shirley Anne Field
You remember Shirley Anne Field, right?
Here she is in The War Lover (1962).
It's World War II. There's a knock at her door.
She puts on her gown. She turns on a light.
She goes to open the door. It's Steve McQueen,
but things don't turn out very well. Oh well.
It was a nice moment anyway.

Steve McQueen Steve McQueen
When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be
Steve McQueen Steve McQueen
The coolest goddamn motherf#%ker on the silver screen
--Drive-By Truckers
(Soul Dump Music, 1998)


Iconista said...

Things don't turn out very well? Don't leave me hanging...what happens next?

C. Parker said...

That's called a "teaser." (The movie takes place in England, iconista. You should watch it.)

Iconista said...

Damn you, Parker! ;)