Anna Sten's cool 1939 dress

vintage dress
Is this a cool picture or WHAT? And, for you vintage fashion
ladies, is that a cool dress? Uh-huh. And it's a cool pose and a
cool pool and...well...I mean, everything's just really, uh, cool
about it. This is Anna Sten in a publicity photo for the 1939
film Exile Express. I know, I know what you're going to say.
You're going to say it violates the No Heels at the Pool Rule.
And, yeah, you're right, of course. But, hey, it's my rule, and
I can break it when I feel like it.
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1 comment:

Kim Grey said...

Love the dress! I would wear that, along with the heels.

(I think heels at the pool are fine, if one is wearing a dress, especially a long one like this.)

The little sailboat is cute, too.