Hank and Jimmy

Henry Fonda
Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart were friends for many, many years from early summer stock to New York and then in Hollywood. They roomed together more than once. Henry was a Democrat. James was a Republican. Henry was from Grand Island, Nebraska. Jim was from Indiana, Pennsylvania. In his 1998 memoir, Don't Tell Dad, Peter Fonda remembers the two of them building model planes together. They didn't talk a whole lot, but they seemed to enjoy each other's company. I like them both a lot.
James Stewart
Henry Fonda
Jimmy Stewart
James Stewart
Henry Fonda


Tom said...

great pictures! I love that one with Burgess Meredith.

ÐƎΓΓΛ ƁƎΓΓƎ© said...

both are sooooooo handsome

Penny Carrol said...

I love the pictures!