Britt "Mary Goodnight" Ekland

Britt Ekland
Britt Ekland's real name was Eklund. And
people frequently try the search words
eckland, echland, and ickland to find her.
Britt was a Swede not a Brit. But most of the
famous things she did, like marrying Peter
Sellers, living with Rod Stewart, and becoming
a Bond girl in The Man With the Golden Gun,
were British. So we think of her as part of the
Swinging London Mod Sixties crowd, somewhat
down the British blonde foodchain from a
Julie Christie and somewhere above Hammer
Horror sex kitten Yutte Stensgaard. Her most
famous role may have been a stripper in The
Night They Raided Minksy's (1968) or the
tempting barmaid in The Wicker Man (1973),
but her best movie was Get Carter (1971),
although that's largely due to the presence
of the masterful Michael Caine.

Britt Ekland
I especially like this last one, where she gets better with age.

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