A Pair of Jeans

Sandra Dee looking all tasty in jeans.
I like jeans. I wear them all the time.
God bless Denim and all who sail with her.
And Sandra Dee and Tuesday Weld in jeans
Well, that's heaven.
A rare magazine photo of young Tuesday Weld in jeans.


Happy Birthday, Frances Dee

Studio portrait, probably Paramount, of the lovely Miss Frances Dee.
In my humble opinion, Frances Dee was the most
beautiful brunette who ever lived. I realize that
everyone's got their favorite and may not agree.
But she was my favorite, and here she is.
William Holden thought she had the most
beautiful face he had ever seen when he
appeared with her in Meet the Stewarts.
Publicity still of Frances Dee from Wheel of Fortune with John Wayne. The film was also called A Man Betrayed.
This early studio shot is my favorite.
There's a video below (if YouTube is working).

For more information about Frances Dee's life and career,
you can visit Erik Weems' excellent web site,
The Val Lewton B-Unit.
The Nearness of You.
(Whisper) Happy birthday, baby.


Happy Birthday, Kathryn Grant

I believe the lower right photo is her appearance in Anatomy of a Murder.
Actress Kathryn Grant was born
November 25, 1933. She married singer
Bing Crosby and became Kathryn Crosby.
She also goes by Kathryn Grant-Crosby.
She appeared in Rear Window and Anatomy
of a Murder. She is the mother of another
darling starlet, Mary Crosby.
Happy Birthday, Kathryn!
If you ever wonder why Mary Crosby is so cute, look at her mother, Kathryn Grant. She certainly didn't get her good looks from her dad.


Ring Ring #3

Lee Grant has one of the great sexy voices of cinema. I'd love to hear her talk on the phone.
Long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee
Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me
She did not leave her number but I know the place to call
The phone boy took the message and he wrote it on the wall
Lizbeth Scott had a raspy smoker's voice and nicely turned legs.
Susannah York calling! Killer eyebrow, too.
Bebe Daniels
Great profile, great actress. Geraldine Page.


Girl-Girl #1

Don't know who they are. Just liked the idea.

Hapyy Birthday, Hedy, Helen, and Linda

I got busy and forgot three lovely ladies' birthdays.
Hedy Lamarr's birthday was November 9th.
Helen Mack and Linda Christian were born on
November 13th. Sorry, ladies.
I'm not sure why Hedy Lamarr has this whip.
Gorgeous Helen Mack looks like she could be Frances Dee's sister.
Dreamy Linda Christian was Mrs. Tyrone Power.


Silly White Eyes #2

Actress Faye Webb, an Indian girl with lipstick.
Marisa Pavan with the beads.
Above is Italian-born Marisa Pavan.
Her twin sister was the actress Pier Angeli.
She is the stepmother of actress Tina Aumont.
She was married to actor Jean-Pierre Aumont.
She played a deaf woman in Down Three Dark
Streets in 1954, She played another deaf woman
in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television
episode You Got to Have Luck in 1956. She
was nominated for an Oscar for The Rose
Tattoo in 1955. She appeared in the TV
shows like Naked City, 77 Sunset Strip,
The F.B.I., Combat!, Hawaii Five-O, and
The Rockford Files. Just so you know...
Yeah, this is pretty authentic.


Car Girl #2

Shape, design, style. Great car.
This is Kelly Preston in a cool dress
with a very cool car in the 1985 movie,
Mischief, which I have never seen.
I checked her out and found that I am
the last person on earth who knew she
was married to that Travolta guy. Silly
me; I should watch more TV. Whatever.
Anyway, she's been in a lot of movies
that I've never seen and been on TV
that I never watch. I've seen Amazon
Women on the Moon (1987) and From Dusk
Till Dawn (1996), but I apparently
missed her. Funny, because I remember
Salma Hayek clearly in From Dusk Till
Dawn. Crystal clearly, in fact. And
I remember the very young Michelle
Pfeiffer quite clearly from Amazon
Women on the Moon. Kelly has her own
with links to scientology and dianetics.
OH well!
Be that as it may, Kelly Preston
apparently looked outrageously cute
standing in a puddle in a cool dress
next to a great old car 22 years ago.
Here's to being out-of-touch with
Entertainment Tonight and People
magazine and all the rest of that
festering neon distraction.
(Oh, and I see that my page count has
passed the 1,000 mark, which is very
satisfying. I realize that certain blogs
like to get thousands of hits per day,
but I am happy with a thousand total.)


The Wall of Flaming Spaghetti Men

This is NOT The Wall of Flaming Spaghetti Men. It's just Madge Evans in a WTF publicity photo.
I had this dream. I was in an art gallery, looking
at a painting or something. I don't remember what
it was, but I asked what it was called. And someone
said, "That is The Wall of Flaming Spaghetti Men."
And I woke up. Whewww!
Don't know what it means. Don't really care.
But it's a fine title, very Expressionistical.
Or Post-Modern. Or polymorphously perverse.
Very artsy. So I thought I'd use it for this post.
Throw in a couple photos from my WTF collection.
What a strange poster. Never seen this masterpiece.
Maybe you're a really, really intense art school
student, maybe hanging around a coffee shop until
your genius is discovered...37 cents in your pocket
...growing pimples and bad teeth...bitching about
your food service job...bored...wishing you were
black or gay or somehow involved or evolving...
anywhere but here...maybe a bigger city. Wishing
you wrote better blank verse. People call your
work "Interesting," but you're tired of being out
of gas money for your broke-ass 1994 Toyota. Yes,
you! You can hurl catsup at a canvas, burn it with
lighter fluid, and call it The Wall of Flaming
Spaghetti Men
. And make a million. And have drug
dealers on speed dial. And fret for your latte and
fret for your hairpiece, etc. Whoa! It was just
a dream. Chill!
I'll never wash this hand again, Woody.
It's Friday. And this week has been murder.
Really. . .