Madge Bellamy, the White Zombie

Madge Bellamy was the hypnotized white
chick in White Zombie with Bela Lugosi.

These vidcaps are from Madge's 1933 film Riot
, also known as Police Patrol, which you
can watch for free at the Internet Archive.

Sixties Doll Barbara Parkins

Do you remember Barbara Parkins? No?
Well, why should you? She hasn't done anything
in a long, long time. Starlet Showcase never
forgets. Well, almost never.

Here's Barbara Parkins with her friend Sharon Tate and
co-star Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls. Awful 60s movie.
You can watch a Valley of the Dolls trailer HERE.

Brigitte Helm on February 29th

If you have never watched Brigitte Helm in Fritz Lang's Metropolis, well, you're missing out.
One doesn't get to post on February 29th
very often, and I really doubt that Starlet
Showcase is going to be around for the next
one, so I thought I'd go nuts with the posts.
And you just can't miss with Brigitte Helm.

Gun Girls #5

Raquel Welch knew how to wear a gunbelt.
Ann Miller looking silly.
Charlene Holt looking silly.
Sally Fraser
Goldie Hawn looking serious.

Tina Aumont

This is Tina Aumont.
You can see her in numerous Italian films.
You can also find her in Modesty Blaise (1966),
Texas Across The River (1966), Torso (1973),
and Salon Kitty (1976).

Tina Aumont was born on Valentine's Day, and I
somehow forgot her birthday this year. Sorry. . .

Tina Aumont wearing raccoon eye makeup. Mmm.


Senta Berger, Dynamite Redhead

Name somebody who couldn't use ten pictures
of Senta Berger. Go ahead. Name just one.
Senta Berger is a German redhead who you
can look up for yourself at the Internet Movie
Database or some place else. Here we just have
the cool photos, albeit grayscale ones.
Don't matter. . .she's still lovely.


Ring Ring #7

A still from The Puppet People.
Uhhhh. . .you answer it.
Mary Brian
Roz Russell, who I don't really like.
Unknown, but certainly worthy.
Vera Miles
Corinne Calvet
Another pulp cover.
Lana Turner
Liz Taylor
Marsha Mason
(Interesting how telephones change over the years, isn't it?)