Her meneo

Debra Paget
meneo [may-nay’-o]
Main Entry: meneo
Function: masculine noun
Language: Spanish
1: movement
2: shake, toss
3: swaying, wagging, wiggling
4: stir, stirring

From the Spanish verb menear:
meneo is:
1st person singular (yo) Present Indicative
me·ne·o Masculine - Noun - Singular
Diminutives: meneillo, meneillos, meneito, meneitos
Aumentatives: meneón, meneones, meneote, meneotes
1. wiggling, wagging, wriggle, wiggle; Synonyms: culebreo, serpenteo, contoneo; Acción y efecto de menear o menearse, mover o moverse.
2. waggle; Pequeño movimiento de atrás para adelante. ; Acción y efecto de menear o menearse, mover o moverse.

3. waggle; Synonyms: coleo, meneo de la cola, coleadura; Acción de colear, mover repetidamente la cola los animales. ; Acción de colear los animales, mover repetidamente la cola.
me·ne·ar Verb
1. move, shake, wag, waggle, swish; Synonyms: colear, bambolear; Desplazar algo de un lado a otro, a veces con efecto de vaivén.
El perro meneó su cola, The dog waggles his tail.

Lillian Roth
MENEO (mê-né-oh) spanish verb (conjugate), to wag the tail, to shake
1. A wriggling or waddling motion of the body (movimiento).
Dar un meneo a - to jerk

Vera-Ellen's meneo


Biker Chicks 2

Rita Hayworth
I realize that several of you are bicycle fans. Me, I've got an indoor exercise bike, so I don't have to deal with helmets and careless motorists. Here are some bicycle babes from Life magazine for you.
saigon girls


Rockette Science

Hard-working 1964 Rockettes from Life magazine.


Space Cases

Celestial Clara Bow

Clara Bow
(...in keeping with our Outer Space Weekend theme.)
Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Oh, you didn't know we were having an Outer Space Weekend? I didn't either until just a few minutes ago. Just thought of it myself.
Clara Bow


1951 Drive-In

It's Friday.
What say we go to the drive-in?

We'll take my car.

I once worked a concession stand like this one. I made popcorn and snow cones. See the drain in the floor? It's so you can hose the place out in the morning.

I was a projectionist, too, for a very short time. Those projectors didn't have bulbs. They had white-hot carbon arcs. It was so hot that it had to have its own housing and chimney (on the right in the photo).

How about we go see Jan Sterling and whatshisname in Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole?

Sounds like a fun time.


Elizabeth MacRae Day

I can just about guaran-friggin-tee you that this is the only Elizabeth MacRae blog post on planet Earth today. Pictures of her are awfully hard to find. She has the sweetest little Fayetteville, North Carolina whisper you ever heard.

Tiny pictures of her here.