Time to Pay the Piper

Piper Laurie
It's time to pay some attention to Piper Laurie.
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie



Katharine Ross
Me, I thought Katharine Ross was perfect
before she moved to Stepford, Connecticut.
Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross


Fancy Moves

La Jana
1920s. . .La Jana
Toby Wing
1930s. . .Toby Wing
Betty Grable
1940s. . .Betty Grable
Janice Rule
1950s. . .Janice Rule
Anne Francis
1960s. . .Anne Francis
Farrah Fawcett
1970s. . .Farrah Fawcett
Phoebe Cates
1980s. . .Phoebe Cates


Warner Archive. . . . .YES!!!

Warner Bros., the studio that brought us Picture Snatcher (1933), Lady Killer (1933), Harper (1966), and a bunch of other great movies, is now offering DVDs of some of its lesser known library items, like for instance Angel Baby and the extremely rare 1965 Joey Heatherton film My Blood Runs Cold. They're charging $20 and allowing us to vote on what we'd like to see in the future from their library. There are less than 200 titles right now, but they promise that more are coming. I'm slobbering over the Warner pre-Code possibilities.
The place is called the Warner Archive.


Rainy Day Rhythm

lupe velez
Ordinary Day - Matt Bianco and Basia

. . .been raining all day.

Girls on Top 2

Sal Mineo

Adjusting Those Nicotine Levels

smoking fetish
cigarette fetish
sexy smoking
american lung association
Julie Christie
Is it just me or does it sometimes seem that, after a
certain point in life, everything is all about keeping
the caffeine, nicotine, and ethanol levels in proper