A Comment about Comments

Clark Kent
Your comments, even brief rants, are okay. Links to porn sites are not. Comments that try to get me to somehow like Jean Harlow are futile. Corrections to photo captions and names are appreciated. If you know that I've misidentified a starlet, let me know. Please. But don't tell me who they aren't, if you can't provide the correct name of who they really are. Don't send links to commercial sites, if you can help it. If you really, really like, say, Julie Andrews or Joan Bennett, go out and create your own Julie Andrews or Joan Bennett sites. Yelling at me isn't going to do any of us any good. Comments from "Anonymous" are all right, but I usually just delete the long, contentious ones. Life is too short to argue with Mister Anonymous. If a comment contains a link to a profile or a blog, I usually check these out beforehand and eliminate those that I find offensive or hateful or overly commercial or whatever. I screen comments, of course. I've seen other blogs with unscreened comments, and the number of truly disturbed individuals out there is astounding sometimes. The world is full of crazy people. If you don't see a starlet you like, make your own blog. I don't "do requests," but I appreciate "suggestions." And, remember, if you don't see what you like here or don't like what you see, you can always click elsewhere. The Internet is like television that way, you can always just turn it off and go read a good book. Starlet Showcase is what it is. And you can take it or leave it, right? And, whatever you do, don't send me any phone numbers or pictures of your "friend" in her birthday suit.

Creamy Liz

Elizabeth Taylor
Thought I'd post some creamy photos of Elizabeth
Taylor before, ya know, she got, uh...well, before she
married, ummm, somewhere after A Date With Judy
(1948) and before BUtterfield 8 (1960), before she
cheated on whatshisname and gained a few pounds
and became that sort of public Human Train Wreck
and that whole diva icon thing, which is the only
thing that a lot of people remember. And she had
pretty violet eyes, which you can see in a bazillion
color photographs elsewhere.
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Squeeze Play

I ran across this picture from the delightful
Vintage Photos site, which got me looking
through some folders for pictures of starlets
in corsets. Wikipedia has way more information
about corsets than you'll probably ever need.
Jeanne Crain
Joan Collins
Olivia de Havilland
Leslie Parrish
Joan Bennett
Madeleine Stowe
Brenda Marshall


Twisted Sisters

Ann Blyth
Turner Classic Movies, the best darn channel on American television, was showing a biography of Joan Crawford this morning. There was a clip of Mildred Pierce (1945), and Ann Blyth was playing Joan Crawford's spoiled, unruly, snot-bag daughter, Veda. Her lips quivered. Her mouth pouted. Her chin jutted. I was reminded of a story about John Ford directing John Wayne in one of his early pictures. Ford stopped the take and yelled at John Wayne, saying, "You're acting with your chin." Or words to that effect. What he wanted from Wayne was an expressive face, not just a twitching chin. Anyway, in Mildred Pierce, young actress Ann Blyth was acting with her pouty lips. And that reminded me a lot of Joey Heatherton, who very often acted with her pouty mouth and sometimes her hips. So I ventured out on the World Wide Spider Web and found a pile of photos of Ann Blyth and Joey Heatherton and their funny, pouty mouths. And I glued some of them together, you know, for scientific comparison. And it turned out freaking spooky.

Or maybe it's just their beady little eyes and
sour little mouths. (Or maybe it's just me.)


Silly White Eyes #8

Marilyn Monroe
According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving in the
United States is "related to the deliverance of
the English settlers by Native Americans after
the brutal winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts."
We have parades, eat too much, and watch
football games. And the next day we all go
shopping. It can get pretty intense.
Donna Reed
Alix Talton



Sullivan's Bathrobe

Veronica Lake
If you've ever watched the 1941 Preston
Sturges movie Sullivan's Travels, you know
that one of the best things in it is Sullivan's
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake