Black Angel

Black Angel (1946) is much better noir than I thought it'd be.


film noir

There's a trailer HERE.
movie poster

Sweet Black Angel

One of these oughta work for a while.
I never realized this song was about
Angela Davis.
Must not've got that memo at the time (1972).
That or I was just too ripped to read it.
Either way...
I'll just enjoy the song because I enjoy the song, okay?

All politics aside. . .


I'll Cry Tomorrow

Lillian Roth
Singer, actress, and legendary drinker Lillian Roth's autobiography is called I'll Cry Tomorrow, which was made into a Susan Hayward movie. Lillian was married about eight times; several of her husbands abused her and stole her money. She was appeared in Animal Crackers (1930), Madam Satan (1930), and Ladies They Talk About (1933). Her tombstone reads, "AS BAD AS IT WAS IT WAS GOOD."
Lillian Roth
Lillian Roth
Lillian Roth
Lillian Roth


2 Fresh Hedys

Hedy Lamarr
Here are a couple Hedy Lamarr photos I haven't seen before.
Hedy Lamarr


Cry, Cry

Cry, Cry - Cheap Trick
(which has been in my head all week)

Hot Love - Cheap Trick

Need Your Love - Cheap Trick

Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick

Joe's Girlfriend

Lida Baarova
For a while, Czech actress Lida Baarova's
boyfriend was Joseph Goebbels.
Lida Baarova
nazi girl
Lida Baarova
Lida Baarova


Miffed in a Lift

Lady in a Cage (1964) is a twisted little movie about a woman trapped in her home elevator by a bunch of homicidal nut jobs.