Pouty Mouth

Joey Heatherton, sex kitten extraordinaire, made mouth-breathing an art form. A dancer and singer by training, she parted her full lips very slightly and whispered into the ear of Hollywood. Her very name was a little gasp of breath, like “flow” or “wow” or “Zowie!” Her last name was soft and whispy, a hard “H” in a soft bed of flowers. It was an “H” like Harlow’s, an “H” like Heaven. It said, “come Hither.” It purred. The mouth-breathing image appeared in her studio stills, her record album covers, and her pinups. It spoke whole paragraphs without a sound. It was warm and close, and it tickled the hairs on your neck (if you were male). It was a package deal with the gentle sloping breasts and the strong dancer’s thighs. It got her on television from the Sixties to the Eighties. It got her movie contracts and recording studio time. It gave her a career, advertising—of all things!—mattresses. It worked, and so did Joey.

Here's a video of one of her mattress commercials.

There are web sites about her HERE and HERE.

(This is one of the rare blondes you'll find at Starlet Showcase.)

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