Suspectum WarmUpUs

Uhhh...I've been trying to keep warm.
I've been...uhhh...studying the movie Our Man Flint.
Gila Golan is quite the pretty starlet.
She was Miss Israel or something once.
I like her...uhhh...her hair and eyes.
I don't think her name sounds like the "Gila" in Gila monster,
but I'm not sure. She doesn't look like "a large orange and
black venomous lizard." She looks like an absolute doll.
The Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) is related to
Mexico's H. horridum, both of which are cool names for
beasties. Suspectum sounds like a Latin legal term.
I pretty near froze my a$$ off out there at work today.
Just thinking about Mexican lizards and Gila Golan tonight
is...uhhh...keeping me warm.

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