A Little More Lois Nettleton

Lois Nettleton
Sept 29, 1964 - The Fugitive - Episode: "Man on a String"
I love it when Richard Kimble, the fugitive, stops to help
a lady with car trouble. And she's turns out to be a waitress
at a local diner. And she finds herself in a jam. And he helps
her out. And she pours him a cup of coffee. And they smoke
cigarettes together.
Lois NettletonLois Nettleton
(And I love it when the fugitive character doesn't have
to slaughter the waitress in a psycho-sexual serial killer
pattern which requires low, mysterious bluish lighting
and constant Steadicam movement and rapid cutting to
gloss over the many shortcomings of the storytelling.
And the CSI people aren't dashing all over the place,
intently pondering every dust particle and making
grand announcements about their startling conclusions
and laboratory results, which camouflage the fact that
the screenwriters haven't had a decent script idea in
twenty freaking years.)
Lois NettletonLois NettletonLois NettletonLois NettletonLois Nettleton
I'm just saying. . . . . . .


Eugene B. Bergmann said...

Thanks so much for posting the great photos of Lois Nettleton. In recent years I've become especially interested in her because she was married to humorist Jean Shepherd (he's best known today as the creator and narrator of the movie A CHRISTMAS STORY--kid who wants a BB gun, etc.). She was an early "Listener" to his late-night radio program, they met, and eventually married (1960-1967). She called me two years ago to thank me for my book on Shepherd, EXCELSIOR, YOU FATHEAD! THE ART AND ENIGMA OF JEAN SHEPHERD. She wrote me extensive notes about her life with him and her appreciation of his genius. After she died, I met her executor in the apartment Lois and Jean had shared on East 57th Street, NYC. (A one-bedroom apartment in a nice apartment building.)

Recently many of items she had saved--about herself and about Shepherd--have been for sale on ebay.com

The people I interviewed for my book all expressed what a lovely, gracious woman she was when they knew her in the late 1950s, early 1960s.

Eugene B. Bergmann

Captain Incredible said...

Well put, sir...

Tom said...

Interesting; just read Eugene's comment and I didn't know she was married to Jean Shepherd. She was a good actress.

Anonymous said...

OMG, but she was beutifull,
thank you so much for posting
these pictures.

Anonymous said...

She (lois) just blows me away,
can't get enough.


Anonymous said...

Looking at her (lois) here and
elsewhere, and in keeping
with the theme of this forum.

I'm struck by what passes for
beuty these days and is hyped
ad naseum, in the likes of
Tori Spelling, Drew Barrymore,
and even Elen Degenerous.

The commentary on the panels
also makes the point.

It's all a manifistation of this
relentless dumbing down of western
civilisation, and the rise
of mediocracy.

Lois 4 ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you that the CSI approach is utterly boring, and this Fugitive episode where a man and a woman actually relate is vastly more compelling. When Kimble spends the night in her home, it's on the couch. The kiss doesn't happen until the next day. The chemistry between them is palpable enough to know that probably isn't the way it would go in the modern world. She's beautiful, and well-cast as a free spirit.