1951 Drive-In

It's Friday.
What say we go to the drive-in?

We'll take my car.

I once worked a concession stand like this one. I made popcorn and snow cones. See the drain in the floor? It's so you can hose the place out in the morning.

I was a projectionist, too, for a very short time. Those projectors didn't have bulbs. They had white-hot carbon arcs. It was so hot that it had to have its own housing and chimney (on the right in the photo).

How about we go see Jan Sterling and whatshisname in Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole?

Sounds like a fun time.


BOBKE said...

Ahh shucks, man now I know.
You've got the best timing. It's
almost like an attack on the senses.
Now I've got to find me a copy of this

C. Parker said...

Never heard it called "an attack on the senses," but okay. And, yes, Ace in the Hole is not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the Drive-In. I haven't been in about 4 years. The nearest operating theater 90 miles from me, and they show all new stuff, although side two doesn't look too bad, hmmm, maybe Sunday night.
Now showing Thru Feb. 25th, at the Silver Moon...($4/person!!)
Side One -
Valentines Day and The Blind Side
Side Two -
Wolfman and Cirque Du Freak; The Vampires Assistant


Also check..(maybe your local is open)



Artman2112 said...

ohhhh dude you're seriously creeping me out here! i SWEAR i was talking to my step dad about this film TODAY because we were talking a bit about the media circus surrounding Tiger Woods. he's never seen Ace in the Hole and i said oh no way, you HAVE to see it, and see how its more relevant to day than it was when it came out! plus it's one of Kirks best-ever Shithead roles!

lol@ "whatshisname"

Jim Ballard said...

...yeah well since we all can't afford tickets, who gets ta ride in the trunk ??...

...Sorry...just keep'in it real...

C. Parker said...

Jim, you and Becky can hide under this blanket in the back seat. Me and Vicky will ride up front.

goomba said...

Man, Jan Sterling was SUPERHOT in this movie.

Jim Ballard said...

...C. Parker...oh yeah...I remember that Becky...very romantic with the blanket thing...great idea...original too...